Namaz times Bradford Toller Lane

Namaz is the most important act of worship in Islam. It is an obligation upon every Muslim, male and female, to perform five prayers every day. The time for each prayer is different and depends on the position of the sun.
The Bradford Toller Lane prayer times today April 19, 2024 are as follows:

Prayer Times for the next 30 days

01 Mar 202308-08-144404:59 (GMT)06:56 (GMT)12:20 (GMT)15:05 (GMT)17:44 (GMT)17:44 (GMT)19:34 (GMT)
02 Mar 202309-08-144404:57 (GMT)06:54 (GMT)12:19 (GMT)15:06 (GMT)17:46 (GMT)17:46 (GMT)19:36 (GMT)
03 Mar 202310-08-144404:54 (GMT)06:52 (GMT)12:19 (GMT)15:07 (GMT)17:48 (GMT)17:48 (GMT)19:38 (GMT)
04 Mar 202311-08-144404:52 (GMT)06:49 (GMT)12:19 (GMT)15:09 (GMT)17:50 (GMT)17:50 (GMT)19:40 (GMT)
05 Mar 202312-08-144404:50 (GMT)06:47 (GMT)12:19 (GMT)15:10 (GMT)17:52 (GMT)17:52 (GMT)19:42 (GMT)
06 Mar 202313-08-144404:47 (GMT)06:44 (GMT)12:18 (GMT)15:12 (GMT)17:54 (GMT)17:54 (GMT)19:44 (GMT)
07 Mar 202314-08-144404:45 (GMT)06:42 (GMT)12:18 (GMT)15:13 (GMT)17:55 (GMT)17:55 (GMT)19:46 (GMT)
08 Mar 202315-08-144404:42 (GMT)06:40 (GMT)12:18 (GMT)15:14 (GMT)17:57 (GMT)17:57 (GMT)19:48 (GMT)
09 Mar 202316-08-144404:40 (GMT)06:37 (GMT)12:18 (GMT)15:15 (GMT)17:59 (GMT)17:59 (GMT)19:50 (GMT)
10 Mar 202317-08-144404:37 (GMT)06:35 (GMT)12:17 (GMT)15:17 (GMT)18:01 (GMT)18:01 (GMT)19:52 (GMT)
11 Mar 202318-08-144404:35 (GMT)06:32 (GMT)12:17 (GMT)15:18 (GMT)18:03 (GMT)18:03 (GMT)19:54 (GMT)
12 Mar 202319-08-144404:32 (GMT)06:30 (GMT)12:17 (GMT)15:19 (GMT)18:05 (GMT)18:05 (GMT)19:56 (GMT)
13 Mar 202320-08-144404:29 (GMT)06:28 (GMT)12:17 (GMT)15:21 (GMT)18:07 (GMT)18:07 (GMT)19:58 (GMT)
14 Mar 202321-08-144404:27 (GMT)06:25 (GMT)12:16 (GMT)15:22 (GMT)18:09 (GMT)18:09 (GMT)20:00 (GMT)
15 Mar 202322-08-144404:24 (GMT)06:23 (GMT)12:16 (GMT)15:23 (GMT)18:11 (GMT)18:11 (GMT)20:02 (GMT)
16 Mar 202323-08-144404:21 (GMT)06:20 (GMT)12:16 (GMT)15:24 (GMT)18:12 (GMT)18:12 (GMT)20:04 (GMT)
17 Mar 202324-08-144404:19 (GMT)06:18 (GMT)12:16 (GMT)15:26 (GMT)18:14 (GMT)18:14 (GMT)20:07 (GMT)
18 Mar 202325-08-144404:16 (GMT)06:15 (GMT)12:15 (GMT)15:27 (GMT)18:16 (GMT)18:16 (GMT)20:09 (GMT)
19 Mar 202326-08-144404:13 (GMT)06:13 (GMT)12:15 (GMT)15:28 (GMT)18:18 (GMT)18:18 (GMT)20:11 (GMT)
20 Mar 202327-08-144404:10 (GMT)06:10 (GMT)12:15 (GMT)15:29 (GMT)18:20 (GMT)18:20 (GMT)20:13 (GMT)
21 Mar 202328-08-144404:07 (GMT)06:08 (GMT)12:14 (GMT)15:30 (GMT)18:22 (GMT)18:22 (GMT)20:15 (GMT)
22 Mar 202329-08-144404:05 (GMT)06:06 (GMT)12:14 (GMT)15:31 (GMT)18:24 (GMT)18:24 (GMT)20:17 (GMT)
23 Mar 202301-09-144404:02 (GMT)06:03 (GMT)12:14 (GMT)15:33 (GMT)18:26 (GMT)18:26 (GMT)20:20 (GMT)
24 Mar 202302-09-144403:59 (GMT)06:01 (GMT)12:13 (GMT)15:34 (GMT)18:27 (GMT)18:27 (GMT)20:22 (GMT)
25 Mar 202303-09-144403:56 (GMT)05:58 (GMT)12:13 (GMT)15:35 (GMT)18:29 (GMT)18:29 (GMT)20:24 (GMT)
26 Mar 202304-09-144404:53 (BST)06:56 (BST)13:13 (BST)16:36 (BST)19:31 (BST)19:31 (BST)21:26 (BST)
27 Mar 202305-09-144404:50 (BST)06:53 (BST)13:13 (BST)16:37 (BST)19:33 (BST)19:33 (BST)21:29 (BST)
28 Mar 202306-09-144404:47 (BST)06:51 (BST)13:12 (BST)16:38 (BST)19:35 (BST)19:35 (BST)21:31 (BST)
29 Mar 202307-09-144404:44 (BST)06:48 (BST)13:12 (BST)16:39 (BST)19:37 (BST)19:37 (BST)21:34 (BST)
30 Mar 202308-09-144404:41 (BST)06:46 (BST)13:12 (BST)16:40 (BST)19:39 (BST)19:39 (BST)21:36 (BST)
31 Mar 202309-09-144404:38 (BST)06:43 (BST)13:11 (BST)16:41 (BST)19:40 (BST)19:40 (BST

These times are for the Bradford Toller Lane area only. Please be aware that Namaz times can vary from place to place and from one day to the next. It is advisable to check the local prayer times before attending Namaz. victor street namaz time read also this namaz time

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