How To Pray Namaz: A Complete Guide For Muslims

how to pray namaz

how to pray namaz. We are Muslims. Praying on time is our top priority. Our main idea of bringing us here is to worship Allah. If the prayer is not done, we will fail the plan of our arrival in this world and it will not be successful. We must give the Muslims a very accurate and complete report of everything about Namd that we have done with full transparency.

Realize “How to Supplicate Namaz” in wonderful way. The Request (Namaz/Salat) is the best love of Allah. The Muslims all over the planet implore Namaz five times each day. This is a compensation on the Muslims by Allah. Petitioning God is one of the five mainstays of Islam. Namaz, Supplication or Salat, is the main piece of the Islam. Figuring out how to ask Namaz is a significant stage in the strict recognition of a Muslim. Comprehend the significance related with Namaz, the timetable which ought to be seen concerning the request, and proper situations in which to perform Namaz so you can partake in the request.

It is required for all Muslims to advance endeavor for understanding the ramifications of recitation words in Namaz as it will help us with concentrating much better for getting benefits flawlessly like we see Allah before us or he sees us staying before him considering the way that during Salaat, Muslims meet their God multiple times every day so if we fathom what we are expressing in Namaz, it will engage us to feel significantly more unassuming and talk with the Expert of Universe in unobtrusiveness.


Assalamualaikum is a guide to Muslims who are seeking information about how to perform halal prayers based off the Qur ah and Sunnah attributed by the Prophet Muhammad. Hopefully these articles don’t just list the steps but provide you with information that will help you learn the salat in detail. The five pillars of the Islamic faith are the basis on which daily routines should be built. In Arabic prayer spelt by “Salah” or ” Salat “. how to pray namaz

How many rakats in each prayer

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1. Fajr Petition (Nimaz):
The time begins at first light and stays compelling somewhat before sun rise Two Rakats Sunnat, Two Rakats Farz.
2. Dhuhr Petition (Nimaz):
The time starts when sun begins shifting towards west and the shadow of an article becomes equivalent to the size of the item. It stays compelling 30 minutes before beginning of season of Salat Asr.
Four Rakats Sunnat, Four Rakats Farz, Two Rakats Sunnat, Two Rakats Nafil.
3. Asar Petition (Nimaz):
The time begins when the sun declines and the shadow of an article turns out to be twofold the size of the item. It stays powerful till few moments before the dusk.
Four Rakats Farz
4. Maghrib Petition (Nimaz):
It is recounted soon after dusk and the time stays successful till the radiance stays apparent in the west (sundown). (The luminosity is apparent around 1 hour 15 minutes from the hour of the nightfall). However, it would be greatly improved to present the Salat soon after sun set. Three Rakats Farz, Two Rakats Sunnat, Two Rakats Nafil
5. Isha Petition (Nimaz): The time begins when the luminosity in the west disappears (end of dusk which is roughly 1 hour 15 minutes after the nightfall ) It stays viable upto around three hours before dawn. However, it is fitting to present it before 2/3 of the night dies. Four Rakats Farz, Two Rakats Sunnat, Two Rakats Nafil, Three Rakats Wajib Witr, Two Rakats Nafil Note : Nafil Namaz (Salah) is deal to thanks our Allah for everything.
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