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The London central mosque prayer times (LCM) is located in the heart of London, next to Regent’s Park. It is one of the largest mosques in the United Kingdom and can accommodate up to 12,000 worshippers.
The London Central Mosque is open to all Muslims and non-Muslims alike. It offers a variety of services and facilities, including a library, bookshop, Muslim burial service, and marriage counseling. The LCM also has a fully equipped gymnasium and a swimming pool.
One of the most popular times to visit the London Central Mosque is during prayer times. Prayer times at the LCM are as follows: regents park prayer times

lcm prayer time

  • Fajr – 05:31
  • sunrise 6:59
  • Zuhr – 12:55
  • Asr – 15:56
  • Maghrib – 6:42
  • Isha – 08:00

The London Central Mosque is a place of worship, learning, and community for Muslims in London and beyond. how to pray namaz

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London central mosque prayer times weekly timetable

visiting London musque
4Wed116:33 AM8:06 AM12:05 PM1:48 PM4:05 PM4:05 PM5:10 PM
5Thu126:33 AM8:06 AM12:06 PM1:49 PM4:07 PM4:07 PM5:11 PM
6Fri136:33 AM8:05 AM12:06 PM1:50 PM4:08 PM4:08 PM5:13 PM
7Sat146:33 AM8:05 AM12:07 PM1:51 PM4:09 PM4:09 PM5:14 PM
8Sun156:32 AM8:05 AM12:07 PM1:52 PM4:10 PM4:10 PM5:15 PM
9Mon166:32 AM8:04 AM12:08 PM1:54 PM4:12 PM4:12 PM5:16 PM
10Tue176:32 AM8:03 AM12:08 PM1:55 PM4:13 PM4:13 PM5:17 PM
11Wed186:31 AM8:03 AM12:08 PM1:56 PM4:15 PM4:15 PM5:19 PM
12Thu196:31 AM8:02 AM12:09 PM1:57 PM4:16 PM4:16 PM5:20 PM
13Fri206:30 AM8:02 AM12:09 PM1:58 PM4:18 PM4:18 PM5:21 PM
14Sat216:30 AM8:01 AM12:10 PM2:00 PM4:19 PM4:19 PM5:22 PM
15Sun226:29 AM8:00 AM12:10 PM2:01 PM4:21 PM4:21 PM5:24 PM
16Mon236:29 AM7:59 AM12:10 PM2:02 PM4:22 PM4:22 PM5:25 PM
17Tue246:28 AM7:58 AM12:11 PM2:04 PM4:24 PM4:24 PM5:27 PM
18Wed256:27 AM7:57 AM12:11 PM2:05 PM4:25 PM4:25 PM5:28 PM
19Thu266:27 AM7:56 AM12:11 PM2:06 PM4:27 PM4:27 PM5:29 PM
20Fri276:26 AM7:55 AM12:12 PM2:08 PM4:29 PM4:29 PM5:31 PM
21Sat286:25 AM7:54 AM12:12 PM2:09 PM4:30 PM4:30 PM5:32 PM
22Sun296:24 AM7:53 AM12:12 PM2:10 PM4:32 PM4:32 PM5:34 PM
23Mon16:23 AM7:52 AM12:12 PM2:12 PM4:34 PM4:34 PM5:35 PM
24Tue26:22 AM7:51 AM12:13 PM2:13 PM4:35 PM4:35 PM5:37 PM
25Wed36:21 AM7:49 AM12:13 PM2:15 PM4:37 PM4:37 PM5:38 PM
26Thu46:20 AM7:48 AM12:13 PM2:16 PM4:39 PM4:39 PM5:40 PM
27Fri56:19 AM7:47 AM12:13 PM2:17 PM4:41 PM4:41 PM5:41 PM
28Sat66:18 AM7:45 AM12:14 PM2:19 PM4:42 PM4:42 PM5:43 PM
29Sun76:17 AM7:44 AM12:14 PM2:20 PM4:44 PM4:44 PM5:45 PM
30Mon86:16 AM7:43 AM12:14 PM2:22 PM4:46 PM4:46 PM5:46 PM
31Tue96:15 AM7:41 AM12:14 PM2:23 PM4:48 PM4:48 PM5:48 PM
1Wed106:13 AM7:40 AM12:14 PM2:25 PM4:50 PM4:50 PM5:49 PM


Sat 1 Oct05:3106:5912:5515:5618:4220:00
Sun 2 Oct05:3307:0112:5515:5518:4019:58
Mon 3 Oct05:3507:0312:5515:5318:3819:57
Tue 4 Oct05:3607:0412:5415:5118:3519:54
Wed 5 Oct05:3707:0612:5415:5018:3319:52
Thu 6 Oct05:3807:0712:5415:4818:3119:50
Fri 7 Oct05:4007:0912:5315:4618:2919:50
Sat 8 Oct05:4107:1112:5315:4518:2619:47
Sun 9 Oct05:4207:1212:5315:4318:2419:45
Mon 10 Oct05:4407:1412:5215:4118:2219:43
Tue 11 Oct05:4507:1612:5215:3918:2019:41
Wed 12 Oct05:4607:1712:5215:3818:1719:38
Thu 13 Oct05:4807:1912:5215:3618:1519:38
Fri 14 Oct05:4907:2112:5215:3418:1319:36
Sat 15 Oct05:5107:2312:5115:3318:1119:34
Sun 16 Oct05:5207:2412:5115:3118:0919:32
Mon 17 Oct05:5307:2612:5115:2918:0719:30
Tue 18 Oct05:5507:2812:5115:2818:0519:28
Wed 19 Oct05:5607:2912:5015:2618:0319:26
Thu 20 Oct05:5807:3112:5015:2518:0019:23
Fri 21 Oct05:5907:3312:5015:2317:5819:23
Sat 22 Oct06:0107:3512:5015:2117:5619:21
Sun 23 Oct06:0107:3612:5015:2017:5419:19
Mon 24 Oct06:0307:3812:5015:1817:5219:17
Tue 25 Oct06:0507:4012:5015:1717:5019:17
Wed 26 Oct06:0507:4112:4915:1517:4819:15
Thu 27 Oct06:0707:4312:4915:1417:4619:13
Fri 28 Oct06:0907:4512:4915:1217:4519:12
Sat 29 Oct06:1007:4712:4915:1117:4319:10
Sun 30 Oct05:1206:4911:4914:0916:4118:08
Mon 31 Oct05:1306:5011:4914:0816:3918:06 

Prayer times Central London – October 2022

01 October 2022 Today London Prayer is a time of dawn at 5:28, time sunrise at 6:59 p.m. Dhuhr Time 12:51 PM asr Time 4:46 PM Maghurrib Time 6:41 PM. isha time 8:13 The London Prayer Time today reflects the Islamic date 05, Aziz. 0544. The 7 days and 31 days for London salah time are available for the benefit of everyone Muslim.

the mosque’s facilities in London

The mosque’s facilities in London are first-rate. The building is large and spacious, and it is filled with all the necessary amenities. There is a library, a prayer room, and a beautiful courtyard. The staff is friendly and helpful, and they are always available to answer any questions you may have. The mosque is also conveniently located, and it is easy to find parking. Overall, the mosque’s facilities in London are top-notch.

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