prayer times birmingham green lane

Prayer is an important part of the Muslim faith. Muslims are required to pray five times a day – at dawn, noon, afternoon, dusk, and night. The times of prayer are based on the position of the sun.
In Birmingham, the prayer times are as follows: updated on May 28, 2024

Prayer Times for the next 10 days

2022 OctoberFajrSunriseDhuhrAsrMaghribIsha
21 Friday5:48 AM6:57 AM12:32 PM3:41 PM6:06 PM7:15 PM
22 Saturday5:49 AM6:58 AM12:32 PM3:40 PM6:05 PM7:14 PM
23 Sunday5:50 AM6:58 AM12:31 PM3:39 PM6:04 PM7:13 PM
24 Monday5:50 AM6:59 AM12:31 PM3:38 PM6:03 PM7:12 PM
25 Tuesday5:51 AM7:00 AM12:31 PM3:38 PM6:02 PM7:11 PM
26 Wednesday5:52 AM7:01 AM12:31 PM3:37 PM6:01 PM7:10 PM
27 Thursday5:53 AM7:02 AM12:31 PM3:36 PM6:00 PM7:09 PM
28 Friday5:53 AM7:03 AM12:31 PM3:35 PM5:59 PM7:08 PM
29 Saturday5:54 AM7:03 AM12:31 PM3:35 PM5:58 PM7:07 PM
30 Sunday5:55 AM7:04 AM12:31 PM3:34 PM5:57 PM7:06 PM

These times are based on the Green Lane Mosque in Birmingham. For other mosques in the area, please check their websites or contact them directly.

The Birmingham Green Lane Mosque is one of the largest mosques in the United Kingdom. It is located in the Green Lane area of Birmingham, England. The mosque was built in 1975 and can accommodate up to 2,000 worshippers.
The Birmingham Green Lane Mosque is open for five daily prayers, as well as Jumu’ah prayers on Fridays. The mosque also has a number of other facilities, such as a library, bookstore, and classrooms.
If you are looking for prayer times in Birmingham, the Birmingham Green Lane Mosque is a great place to start. The mosque is located at 5 Green Lane, Birmingham, B9 5DB, United Kingdom.