isha ki namaz ki rakat

In this article you will be taught the complete method of Isha prayer. You will be taught how many rak’ahs, how many sunnahs, how many fard rak’ahs are in Isha prayer.

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Prayer is very important in Islam. It is one of the five pillars of Islam. The remaining four professions are faith, fasting, charity and Hajj. Muslims are required to pray five times a day: Fajr, Midday, Midday, Sunset and Evening. Isha prayer is the prayer that is offered at night.

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There are several sayings about how many rak’ahs there are in the Isha prayer. Some say that it is 9 rakats, some say that it is 17, and some say that it is 13. The majority of scholars agree that the Isha prayer consists of 4 fard and 2 sunnah muqadda rakats.

After that, there are 3 rak’ats of Witr, which are obligatory Witr prayers. Witr prayer can be offered at any time of the night. Or you can offer it right after Isha prayer. So the total rakats of Isha are 9.

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isha ki namaz ki rakat

isha ki namaz ki rakat
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Most scholars say that the total rak’ats of Isha prayer are 6. There are 4 fard and 2 rakats are sunnah muqadda. But some scholars say that the total Isha prayer is 13 rakats, but some rakats are Muqadah and some are not. Non-Muqadah means that if you skip these non-Muqedah rak’ahs, you will not incur sin, and skipping the obligatory ones will become a sin. In the following table, you can see which ones are mandatory and which ones are not. There are 3 rakats of witr in it, but they are not related to the Durkat Isha prayer. They are wajib rak’ats, you can perform them after Isha prayer

isha ki namaz rakat

NamazMuqadda. مؤکدہغیرمؤکدہفرضسنتیں
isha ki namaz ki rakat