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Enter your city name in time schedule it will show the correct time. no matter what city you are from, you will find the correct prayer times. Apart from these, you will also find answers to many questions on this Dunya Islamic website.

Namaz is one of the five pillars of Islam and is obligatory for all Muslims. It is a spiritual act of worship that is performed five times a day – at dawn, noon, afternoon, sunset, and evening.

The Islamic holy book, the Quran, and the Hadith, the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, contain the rules for namaz. The Quran says, “establish regular prayer and give Zakat (charity).” The Hadith adds, “The best deed is to perform namaz at its appointed time.”

Namaz is observed in order to cleanse the soul, develop self-discipline, and learn humility. By praying regularly, Muslims develop a stronger connection with Allah and become less self-centered.

Diyanet Namaz vakitleri is a dedicated website for those who wish to learn more about namaz and its importance. The website provides detailed instructions on how to perform namaz, as well as a namaz vakitleri, or prayer schedule, for the Londra namaz vakitleri area.

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monthly Londra namaz vakitleri

2022-10-015:06 AM7:01 AM12:50 PM3:56 PM6:38 PM8:08 PM
2022-10-025:07 AM7:03 AM12:50 PM3:55 PM6:36 PM8:06 PM
2022-10-035:09 AM7:04 AM12:50 PM3:53 PM6:34 PM8:04 PM
2022-10-045:11 AM7:06 AM12:49 PM3:51 PM6:32 PM8:02 PM
2022-10-055:13 AM7:07 AM12:49 PM3:50 PM6:29 PM7:59 PM
2022-10-065:14 AM7:09 AM12:49 PM3:48 PM6:27 PM7:57 PM
2022-10-075:16 AM7:11 AM12:48 PM3:46 PM6:25 PM7:55 PM
2022-10-085:18 AM7:12 AM12:48 PM3:44 PM6:23 PM7:53 PM
2022-10-095:20 AM7:14 AM12:48 PM3:43 PM6:20 PM7:50 PM
2022-10-105:21 AM7:16 AM12:47 PM3:41 PM6:18 PM7:48 PM
2022-10-115:23 AM7:17 AM12:47 PM3:39 PM6:16 PM7:46 PM
2022-10-125:25 AM7:19 AM12:47 PM3:38 PM6:14 PM7:44 PM
2022-10-135:27 AM7:21 AM12:47 PM3:36 PM6:12 PM7:42 PM
2022-10-145:28 AM7:23 AM12:46 PM3:34 PM6:09 PM7:39 PM
2022-10-155:30 AM7:24 AM12:46 PM3:33 PM6:07 PM7:37 PM
2022-10-165:32 AM7:26 AM12:46 PM3:31 PM6:05 PM7:35 PM
2022-10-175:33 AM7:28 AM12:46 PM3:29 PM6:03 PM7:33 PM
2022-10-185:35 AM7:29 AM12:46 PM3:28 PM6:01 PM7:31 PM
2022-10-195:36 AM7:31 AM12:45 PM3:26 PM5:59 PM7:29 PM
2022-10-205:38 AM7:33 AM12:45 PM3:24 PM5:57 PM7:27 PM
2022-10-215:40 AM7:35 AM12:45 PM3:23 PM5:55 PM7:25 PM
2022-10-225:41 AM7:36 AM12:45 PM3:21 PM5:53 PM7:23 PM
2022-10-235:43 AM7:38 AM12:45 PM3:20 PM5:51 PM7:21 PM
2022-10-245:45 AM7:40 AM12:45 PM3:18 PM5:49 PM7:19 PM
2022-10-255:46 AM7:41 AM12:45 PM3:17 PM5:47 PM7:17 PM
2022-10-265:48 AM7:43 AM12:44 PM3:15 PM5:45 PM7:15 PM
2022-10-275:49 AM7:45 AM12:44 PM3:13 PM5:43 PM7:13 PM
2022-10-285:51 AM7:47 AM12:44 PM3:12 PM5:41 PM7:11 PM
2022-10-295:53 AM7:48 AM12:44 PM3:10 PM5:39 PM7:09 PM
2022-10-305:54 AM7:50 AM12:44 PM3:09 PM5:37 PM7:07 PM
2022-10-314:56 AM6:52 AM11:44 AM2:08 PM4:35 PM6:05 PM

Prayer is the most important worship of Muslims. It is a physical, mental and spiritual ritual performed five times a day. Muslims pray at Fajr, Midday, Afternoon, Sunset and Night.
Prayer is one of the five pillars of Islam and is obligatory on all Muslims. It is a spiritual act of worship performed five times a day – at dawn, noon, noon, sunset, and dusk.

The timings of all five prayers (called Namaz) vary depending on the position of the Sun. Following are the prayer times in London. londra namaz vakitleri

İmsak 05:19


Öğle 12:53




The above timings are based on the website of londra namaz vakitleri (Islamic Association of Great Britain).