wood doors price in pakistan

Wooden doors serve as an important part of both interior and exterior home design. They are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also provide added security. Due to these benefits, wooden doors are usually more expensive than their counterparts made from other materials.

In Pakistan, the price of a wooden door can vary depending on the type of wood, the size and design of the door, and the brand. However, on average, a wooden door costs between Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 20,000.

There are many factors that affect the price of a wooden door. The type of wood is one of the most important factors. Some of the most popular types of wood used for doors in Pakistan include teak, mahogany, and oak. These woods are more expensive than other types of wood, such as pine.

wood doors price in pakistan

Types of Woods Used For Doors

Here are some of the common types of woods used for manufacturing doors: wood doors price in pakistan

Local Kail Wood

Wood Door Price in Pakistan

Names Wood Door Price in Pakistan
Deodar WoodRs. 4,500/ cubic foot
AshwoodRs. 5,000/ cubic foot
Partal WoodRs. 1,500/ cubic foot.
Poplar WoodRs. 3,200
OakwoodRs. 2,800/ cubic foot.
Mahogany WoodRs. 5,200/ cubic foot
Local Kail WoodRs. 3,200/ cubic foot

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Pros and Cons of Deodar Wood

according to graana.com

Advantages Disadvantages
The texture of Deodar wood doors is really fine owing to its smooth and even grains.It is prone to scratches.
The sturdiness of Deodar wood makes it quite suitable for exterior doors, as it ensures the safety and security of your house.Deodar wood doors are a bit costlier than other wooden doors in Pakistan.
Besides being a great repellent of humidity and heat, Deodar wood is also resistant to termite and mold.

Pros and Cons of Partal Wooden Doors

Advantages Disadvantages
It is easily available in the market in various designs.Being soft, Partal wood does not provide as much durability and security as other types of woods.
Those on a low budget can easily afford Partal wood for making their house’s doors.One of the biggest downsides of Partal wood is that it is prone to termite infestation.

Pros and Cons of Ashwood

The wood is strong and has mild bending and crushing properties.As it is imported, the cost is higher than other types of wood, and it is used for the manufacturing of doors.
Ashwood does not expand or shrink easily.It is not durable enough to stand harsh weather conditions.
The wood comes with a smooth surface.

Pros and Cons of Poplar Wood

Poplar wood doors give good insulation and help maintain the temperature inside your house.It can cause eye or skin allergies if not handled properly.
This type of wood makes a good choice when it comes to painting.It can only be painted in darker hues due to its natural greenish colour.

Pros and Cons of Local Kail Wood

It is light in weight.The Pine wood is not strong enough to be used for exterior doors.
This type of wood takes paint easily.As the wood is relatively soft, it is more prone to dents and scratches.
It is one of the most affordable types of wood used in Pakistan for making doors.

Pros and Cons of Mahogany Wood Doors

Mahogany wood is ideal for houses located in areas where the atmosphere is humid.Mahogany is more expensive than other types of wood.
It is one of the sturdiest kinds of wood.Mahogany wood is quite hard, which makes it difficult to carve it.
It comes in dark shades giving a sleek look to the doors made of it.

Why Wooden Entryways?

As referenced before, wooden entryways are liked over different sorts of entryways for private units in Pakistan. In this part, we will distinguish a portion of the potential gains of introducing wooden entryways, and why you ought to think about purchasing wooden entryways over different materials.

Understanding are a portion of the justifications for why your home requirements wooden entryways.

Great Encasing

The piece of wood creates it a sturdy material that can undoubtedly stand weather patterns. It doesn’t lead heat which implies it is a decent separator. Adding a layer of paint adds to its solidarity, which thusly upgrades its protection properties.

Stunning Appearance

Assuming your home comes up short on work of art and perfect feeling, you can constantly depend on wooden entryways. It is simpler to cut wood which is the reason you can track down wooden entryways in a tremendous assortment of plans, likewise you can paint them in colors that are in accordance with the stylistic layout of your home.

Subsequently, you can without much of a stretch make your home more exquisite and tasteful.

Erosion Safe

Not at all like most metals, wood is known for being erosion safe. The outside entryway of your home is more inclined to enduring. Thus, it is encouraged to utilize a wooden outside way to keep it from rusting.

Insignificant Upkeep
Wooden entryways require insignificant upkeep when contrasted with entryways made of metal.

What to Think about While Picking Wood Entryways for Your Home?
Wood isn’t utilized straightforwardly in its crude structure, rather it goes through a course of readiness. Crude wood contains high dampness levels, additionally there might be a few more profound bunches in it which must be eliminated prior to involving it for making entryways.

High dampness levels can harm the wood which is the reason crude wood can’t be utilized for development purposes. Discussing the dampness content, it might vary relying upon the sort of wood. Before use, the wood is dried through a legitimate modern technique.

Individuals residing where the environment is generally moist need to routinely finish the outer layer of their wooden ways to shield them from potential enduring.

One more conceivable danger that wooden entryways could go over is termite invasion. That’s what to forestall, you really want to shower borate onto its surface prior to cleaning and painting.

Sorts of Woods Utilized For Entryways
Here are a portion of the normal sort