plastic door price in pakistan

I am proposing to research the average cost of a PVC door in Pakistan.

I will be looking at different factors that can affect the price of a PVC door. These factors include the type of wood, the size of the door, the design of the door, and the brand.

I will also be looking at how these factors can vary depending on the region in Pakistan. I believe that this research will be beneficial to those who are looking to purchase a PVC door in Pakistan.

And I will give you the plastic door prices in Pakistan.

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plastic door price in Pakistan

DescriptionPrice per sqft
PVC Door price in Karachi550 Rs/sqft
PVC Door Price in Lahore350 Rs/sqft
PVC Door Price in Multan300 Rs/sqft
PVC Door Price in Peshawar400 Rs/sqft
PVC Door Price in Gujranwala350 Rs/sqft
PVC Door Price in Islamabad450 Rs/sqft
PVC Door Price in Faisalabad350 Rs/sqft

Disclaimer Note

All prices are taken from the market. Invoice prices may differ from company prices. We do not sell PVC doors, we only provide pricing information to customers. So buy yourself from the market. If you are from a related company. And if you want to change these prices, please contact us.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of plastic/PVC doors?

  • Termite proof 
  • Tough and durable
  • Anti-corrosive 
  • Lightweight
  • Maintenance free
  • Superb quality 
  • Have a pleasing appearance 
  • Chemical and moisture resistant 
  • Available in a wide range of colors.


  • Plastic doors are not suitable for entry doors as they are very of lightweight 
  • They are not weatherproof like wooden or metal doors. 
  • They cannot resist harsh environment conditions. 

10 benefits of plastic doors

UPVC or Unplasticised Polyvinylchloride is a standard material used in windows and doors but have you ever considered the benefits of choosing UPVC windows over other products?

Here are 10 benefits of UPVC windows and doors for your home:

By choice

Generally, most UPVC windows, doors, and exterior facades will come in white. However, advances in manufacturing processes mean that homeowners are no longer limited to colors, but to custom shapes, styles, and simulated effects such as wood grain.

Installation companies and manufacturers can now manufacture UPVC products to your exact specifications. This means that the windows and doors will fit perfectly into your home or property.


Property or home security is paramount to any window or door installation. That’s why UPVC exceeds expectations with an ultra-light but strong frame, used with various locking combinations and double-glazed panes of glass to prevent intruders from entering.


Energy efficiency is top of mind when it comes to new windows and doors and the choice of materials used will affect your home’s thermal and window energy rating.

UPVC is a poor insulator of heat which means that when installed correctly it will create a closed air system that will reduce heat loss, which is experienced with uninsulated materials.

Low maintenance

UPVC is a low-maintenance material, unlike natural materials that require annual sanding, varnishing and repainting. Windows and doors made of UPVC can last for decades without showing signs of weathering, the only maintenance being cleaning with soapy water to remove stains and dirt.


The material is incredibly tough meaning the frames can withstand the most extreme elements and are unaffected by rot and corrosion which is particularly beneficial for seaside properties where high salt concentrations can be a problem.

The material is incredibly tough meaning the frames can withstand the most extreme elements and are unaffected by rot and corrosion which is particularly beneficial for seaside properties where high salt concentrations can be a problem.


UPVC windows can come in various window-style configurations that provide an efficient ventilation system with efficient airflow in the room. An effective window arrangement is called ’tilt and turn’ which consists of an arrangement of two windows that can be opened in two different directions to provide draft-free ventilation.

When tilted inward, warm air can escape through the top and side vents while opening the window fully allows for quick ventilation to clean or freshen the entire room. .

Learn more with our window style guide.

Environment friendly

UPVC windows can have an average lifespan of between 40-80 years and are mostly made from recycled materials to maintain a minimal long-term impact on the environment.

When replacing old UPVC windows and doors ask your installer if they will be disposed of accordingly to ensure that recycling is done, and that the material is recycled into other products such as pipes, plumbing Can be reused in related items etc.

Weather resistant

Weathering is a common problem with most materials used on the exterior of a property. UPVC windows and doors do not react with water and air and are not susceptible to natural elements, meaning long life without aging.

Although UPVC can withstand the weather and requires less maintenance than naturally occurring counterpart materials such as wood, we recommend that any exterior UPVC installations, including soffits and siding, are maintained for longevity. To be maintained. Maintain them regularly to ensure this.


UPVC materials work in conjunction with double-glazed window panels to help reduce the amount of noise entering your home. Most UPVC windows and doors should reduce exterior noise by up to 50% compared to conventional counterparts.

Fire retardant

Building codes require that units and frames for windows and doors be made of fire-rated materials that prevent fire from spreading to the outside. UPVC is also a material required by building regulations to comply with fire safety protocols, meaning the material will hold an opening for 30 minutes.